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Skellig Hut - SKETCHICO
Skellig Hut - SKETCHICO

Skellig Hut

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They survived hundreds of years of the wild Atlantic. And they will survive thousands more!

The Skellig Rocks were home to a group of Christian monks who built a monastery atop Skellig Michael between the 6th and 9th centuries. The monks lived in beehive huts that they built by hand while surviving the elements and Viking invasions until the 12th century. This preserved monastic settlement can be visited during the Summer months and is a truly magical experience. 

SKETCHICO prints are hand painted digitally, generated from their own photography and printed with archival quality inks on premium photo-based paper. 

  • Prints are mounted using a single mount frame and protected by a cellophane bag, perfect for posting
  • Available in contemporary box frames with hinge hooks ready to hang
  • Measurements refer to the size of the mounted print and the image size of the print insert. 

Also, our prints are made in Ireland and all materials are sourced from Irish suppliers!